Monday, August 22, 2011

League of Legends

So I have been playing League of Legends quite a bit lately.  It is a very fun game imo but people need to learn to chill sometimes and not get so angry in the game.  I play a lot of normal games because I don't feel like really doing ranked games yet until season 2 finally comes out.  I can kind of understand getting angry at someone who messes up in ranked games or who is trolling but not in normal games.  A lot of times when I play normal games to try out new champs or different builds that I feel like going.  Even though those games don't really count for anything people still get pissed at other people.  Oh well, that is just how the community goes here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back Again

So I guess I am back again from over a year long hiatus from blogging about anything gaming.  What have I been doing, or where have I been are probably some questions you are asking yourself, or you could just be asking who is this person here.  Well for that last part I am to lazy to explain, just go back to my old post and you will find out, and for the others I will explain.

Well I haven't been doing much really different then from what I have been doing.  I still play video games and I still do IT work.  Now the video games I have been playing is really just some random indie games ranging from Magicka to Limbo with a few bigger names such as NCAA Football 2012 thrown in there as well.  There is one game I keep on coming back to and that is League of Legends.  I had started playing that over a year ago, got to level 14 then stopped.  Now I am level 30 and have just been messing around with that alot with the friends I have made on Warhammer Online.  We are all just messing around with that waiting for either SWTOR or Guild Wars 2.  Which ever one comes out first will be the one we will probably play the most.

That last paragraph actually answer the second question as well.  So I guess that is about it for right now.  If you still read this and want to play with me on League of Legends my name on there is Blazeric so hit me up if you want.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun Times

So I have been slacking lately with post.  I know I know I should have kept up more, but I have been busy with other things such as Red Dead Redemption.  RDR is an awesomely fantastic game and I am having a blast playing.   Riding around in the old west has always been a secret dream of mine since I was a kid and now I can with this game.

Also just to give you a heads up if you put one of those single serving mac and cheese microwaveables in the microwave make sure you put water into because if you don't it will melt in the microwave and make a lot of smoke.  Just a fyi.

Blaze Out

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Used Games Problem

So there has been a lot of talk about EA and Ubisoft doing something that prohibits the buying and selling of used games.  EA is talking about putting in an one time use code to get online with that game and then if you buy and that game used then you will also have to go onto there website and buy a new code to be able to get updates or play online with that game.  Ubisoft is talking about doing the same thing as EA is doing and calling it the 10 dollar solution.

I don't know how I feel about this.  I understand why they want to do this.  People who are buying used games are still getting online content cheaper than the people who payed the full price which isn't fair to the people who payed full price, but as a gamer who does buy used games I still don't like this development.  I don't want to pay extra 10 bucks just to get stuff online from a game I buy used unless Gamestop lowers there price of used games.

Blaze Out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At a Lost

So for about a year and a half I have been playing Warhammer Online.  I really enjoyed that experience, but by playing an MMO for that long I have missed out on some other great games and I want to catch up.  So what I am looking for from the few readers I have is what games to play that came out over the past 2 years that I have missed out on.  I like all types of games and it doesn't matter what I want to try them out.  So any recommendations would be nice.

The game I am playing right now is Mirror's Edge.  I find it to be an ok game.  I don't like how it is very unforgiving in a look of its aspects.  Like if you screw up once it you die.  Just cause you know what to do doesn't mean you will do beat it.  Oh well.

Blaze Out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Hood

There may be some spoilers in this post about Robin Hood so if you don't want to read it just skip over this post.

So I went and saw Robin Hood with Russell Crowe this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I thought it was very well done.  Russell Crowe has always been my favorite actor since Gladiator.  He is a great actor and I loved how he played Robin Hood.

The movie didn't pan out like I expected it too which was a good surprise.  I thought it would have been just like any other Robin Hood movie where he just robs from the rich and gives it to the poor.  Instead it was about how he became Robin Hood.  I liked the back story aspect, it portrayed Prince John as not a bad guy in the beginning which I didn't expect either.

I also enjoyed the actors who played Little John, Will, and Friar Tuck.  They played there parts really well.  I especially liked them showing Friar Tuck as a drunkard.  

The only thing I didn't really understand was the kids in the forest.  I thought they skimmed over the reason for them being there in the movie and that they had a kind of a big part at the end of the movie.  I wish they would have gone in the back story of them being there a little more.

Overall I really liked this movie and I hope you go see the movie.

Blaze Out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beta's Galore

So over the past couple of weeks I have been playing a couple of betas that are available.  One I have been playing is Starcraft 2 beta.  I have always been a big StarCraft fan.  Now I wouldn't say I am an amazing StarCraft player but I also wouldn't say I suck.  I would say that I am in the middle of the road as it pertains to players.  My APM isn't to high, usually only about 70 or so per minute when I start getting into the thick of things but that isn't terrible.  Oh and for all those people out there APM stands for Action Per Minute and the best players in the world usually have around 175 or above APM which is just crazy.

I have been greatly enjoying the StarCraft 2 beta.  I am mostly a Protoss player but I do enjoy playing terran and zerg.  I have some problems with it though.  I believe the Marauders are way to powerful against the protoss zealots.  I also believe zerg need some type of early anti air unit as it takes a good bit for them to get hydras.  There are some other problems that I believe are wrong with it and I may get into at a later date but all this is subject to change since this is the beta.

The other beta I have been playing is the Halo: Reach beta.  I used to be pretty good at Halo 3 online.  My KDR was above 1 which is what you want it to be at when playing online.  My problem was that I would usually charge in there get the kill then die right away.  Sure I would usually have the highest kills but I would also usually have the highest deaths as well so it balanced out.  Now I do enjoy the new armor abilities that they have given people but I feel that the elites are lacking in a few.  I mean armor lock is awesome and I wish the elites had something like it, but again it is beta so it is all subject to change.

So that is what I have been doing with my free which I have very little of at this moment.  So until next time.

Blaze Out!